How To Display 404 Php Instead of 404 shtml

To redirect 404.shtm page to your custom design 404.php, have to follow the below steps to redirect your 404.shtm page to error.php.

If your using cpanel file is need to be shtm so that you have to include your error.php file in to the shtm file .

Joomla Tips

Joomla Tips

  • First download your default 404.shtm file from the server
  • Connect to the server using file zilla or Cpanel
  • Downloads the 404.shtm file from the server
  • Take a backup file and save it in your system
  • Now open the 404.shtm file in your favorite editor like edit plus or Dreamweaver .
  • Just simple step is to include your custom design 404 error page in 404.shtml.


<HTML><HEAD><title>Error: 404 webextensionline</title></HEAD>
<!–#include virtual=”public_html/templates/webextensionline/error.php”–>

Just include this code in your 404.shtm file

Once done this just save it

Now upload in to your root path in the server by using filezilla or cpanel.

Once done all this now try in webpage with wrong url it will redirect to your custom 404 error page.

Hope it will help

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