How to Turn on Magento Template Path Hints?

To find predefined identifiers and its position in the layout of magento template

It is also similar to Joomla Identifier position like we have using ?tp=1 in Joomla website to get its template layout positions
Magento Identifier position also similar to ?tp=1 in Joomla template.
Just follow below simple steps to Turn On Template path in Magento

Quick Steps:

Magento Identifier position just add query string ?tp=1&code=magento

First log into the magento website admin – (Back End)

  • Go to System => Configuration in the main menu
  • Go to Developer on the bottom left under ADVANCED
  • Switch to the store view on the top left to your current website or store view.
  • Under the Debug tab of the same Developer config page you will see a new option appear that will allow you to turn on/off template path hints.
  • Just Turn On Template Path Hints.
  • Remember to clear your cache
Template Path Hints Setting Under the  Debug

Template Path Hints Setting Under the Debug

To clear your cache go to => System=> Cache Management

  • Click on Cache Management and select all button in Cache Management and Clear Cache all
  • Now Just add this query string to any url of back-end or front-end ?tp=1&code=magento
  • You will get the predefined identifiers and template path hints.
Frontend Template Path Hints

Front end Template Path Hints

( or)
You will find a Easy Template Path Hints extension is used to turn on the template path hints for front-end & back-end with ease in a secured way.
Just Find it here source:
Download and install it.


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