About PHP and What is PHP

Welcome to the PHP world, this is world of PHP, Officially PHP stands for  PHP:- Hypertext Preprocessor, But still its know as a world wide by its original name called  Personal Home Page. PHP is a server side programming language. It is taken the web  world by storm.

PHP is a far away the most popular programming language for use on web servers. That is the ides behind PHP. Can do some easy programming on the web server, like creating everything from online database to guest books and Chat rooms and file uploading  tools to shopping carts.

These all possible with PHP

PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year of 1994. In 1995 PHP got good reputation.

In that time PHP was called as a Personal Home Page, or Personal Home Page Tool. The 1995 PHP version was called as PHP/FI Version 2

FI was an HTML form reader Package, also it written by Rasmus.

In that time Rasmus added support for interfacing with database that is called Mini SQL or mSQL.

By using PHP we can develop dynamic and fast and easy websites.

We can develop large number of webpages or content based webpages also and reduce the time to create dynamic websites.

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