How to Increase websiteTraffic?

SEO Tips to Increase Traffic

Top Best Methods and ways to increase website traffic

First we have to  Research on website content and its aim,  than fix targeted keywords for the website.
Now start On page Optimization and do it perfectly and start Building SEO works to get  back links and  Increase website traffic fast.
SEO: web terminology SEO Means Search Engine Optimization it  is a very important way and technique for website willing to be noticed in internet market or Online Market.

  1. On Page Optimization(Good Content, Fresh Quality Content, Keywords placing in correct places and Giving appropriate title to every web page..)
  2. Off Page Optimization(It is link Link Building ,Link exchange, Directory Submitting)
  3. Offer Good free, Original, and Best Quality Content on websit site
  4. Best Supplement is Original content in the Website because Content is the King Unique, Fresh High Quality Content and Unduplicate Content is Best Supplement for Website.
  5. Every webpage should be in balance
  6. Website Background should be in clean means Clean Background
  7. Good Font for Content Text should be in readability for every one make sure every pageeasy to read Create paragraphs and break up Blocks of text
  8. . Use scrolling it better to use Horizontal Scrolling in the webpage
  9. Branding
  10. Get Quality Back links
  11. Social Media Marketing
  12.  a).Email Marketing
    b).Google Adwords
    c).Advertise website presence
    d).Social Bookmarking
    e).Directory Submission
    f).Forum participation
    g).Article Submission
    h).Press Release Submission
    i).Use Blog Posting and Blog Commenting
    j).Maintain Social Networking profiles
    k).Social Media Optimization
  13. Get more backlinks on  website
  14. Try to improve Search Engine Ranking
  15. Try for linked to Good Authority or High ranked websites
  16. SEO Tools
  • Google Analytic tool
  •  Alexa Tool Bar
  • Seomoz toolbar

And also Improve Internet Presence

These are the Top Best Methods and ways to increase website traffic .

Hope it will help

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